I Took Another Mind-Ride Last Night by PW Covington

Black room dark with mirrors where I stood
With suddenly Asian features
Younger, full cheeked and erstwhile
I changed into a beautiful woman
Then a grotesque one, then an aboriginal child

I saw myself from inside of the husk
Worn by a dying Nordic beast
Adrenal overload threw me to the ground
And I crawled closer to the mirror
Mirror with no edge or end
Placed my eye directly on the glass
I was seated on a bed in early winter

The full and solemn peace of high ordeal, satisfied
Came to me
The drug high of The Fear
That raged before was gone
I knew that somewhere near
An erotic cabaret was playing
I heard Ella Fitzgerald reading the poetry of Katie Hoerth
Kittens, lapping milk, could be sensed
Along with the barnyard calliope of commuter trains
Shrimp were being served on the flight deck

Axial tilt realizations
It was Girl Scout cookie season

“You don’t have to be here when you die”
The voices told me in conspiracy
“Some of us haven’t checked back in for years.”

PW Covington’s work has been published by academic journals and underground ‘zines, and he has been featured as a reader by venues and festivals across the Western US, including at The Beat Museum in San Francisco. He was recently the recipient of the Literature and Latte Scrivener Award for poetry from Hourglass Journal (Bosnia and Herzegovina). His third book of poetry, titled “Sacred Wounds” was published by Slough Press in 2015. Covington is a 100% service connected disabled veteran of peacekeeping duty in Somalia and a convicted felon. More info can be found at http://www.PWCovington.com.


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