Bear The Lee by Robin Wyatt Dunn

bear the lee
over the way
I would shelter it
under my storm

hear me delay
the righteous ones
under my thorn

I am almost all here
under the midnight day

I’ll bear the wasted ones
and the crazies
to the silence on the other side of the street
I’ll bear the near ones
to my breast

bear the lee
beneath my feet
so thunder on my honor for a cutter or a quarter bark glad and meet the stream who hungers for a dream inside my mouth;
no quarter
no quarter:

be me,
for a day
and be you
for an hour
and we’ll set our witching lovers to a test

we’ll not be bested
not yet–

inside the shelter of the storm under my skin
no catastrophic winter can summon us
no herdsman may use his code
no year will outlast the groan of the child
inside his nap

Robin Wyatt Dunn
Robin Wyatt Dunn lives in Los Angeles. In this picture he is holding his tiny chapbook MARY, from Rinky Dink Press.

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