Playing The Field by Matt Amott

I usually stay away
from sports bars
too many big screens
too many team jerseys
and too many high fives.
But, my day was long
and Mulligan’s was
the closest place
to get myself a few drinks.

When I arrive,
there is an attractive woman
sitting at the bar.
She seems to be with a group
but not with anyone in particular
and when we hold
each other’s gaze a little longer
than usual, I walk
towards her
for tonight’s game.

MATT AMOTT is the co-founder, co-editor and photographer for Six Ft Swells Poetry Press. He wanders around the Pacific Northwest and his turn-ons include: Pre-1978 custom Dodge vans, OP/Lightning Bolt apparel, shirts with numbers, cords, heavy fuzz, deep Blues, heart-wrenching Soul, record players, CB radios, postcards, Kung-Fu movies, Logan’s Run, hitchhiking, patches/iron ons and longboards.

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