Tayo by Anggo Genorga

there is nothing
patriotic nothing close
to resembling the
diaspora, the post –
colonization, the
intersectionality of
shared experiences
thru migration on a
suite of poetry that tells
about the hassle of being
suspected of peeping by
a beautiful, long legged
English woman on the train
who made you feel like shit
by just staring at you and
even if the poem has a good
Bukowski vibe going on,

nor a poem about an
OFW badly missing home
and getting sentimental
on a Middle East country
where the sands scattered
on the street begins
to look like lines of
snow white cocaine

or getting annoyed with a
custom and work schedule
that depends on lunar activity
and deeply sympathizing with
our kabayan gettin’ it on with
the locals and foreigners
just to get by…

“ what’s with this guy? ”
“ did he took time to read what
it is exactly that we’re looking for? ”

one of these must be their reaction.
nevertheless, there is something
that goes awry between an
automated response and
the rejected writer.

I was born and raised in the Philippines and currently lives in Dubai moonlighting as a manager of a band called Wonder Woman’s Electric Bra. My recent writings can be found in Napalm And Novocain, Dead Snakes, Paper And Ink Zine, The Odd Magazine, Midnight Lane Boutique and Guide To Kulchur. Also in Boston Poetry Magazine, Empty Mirror, Mad Swirl and Silver Birch Press’ Bukowski : An Anthology of Poetry & Prose about Charles Bukowski and the book for benefit Verses Typhoon Yolanda : A Storm Of Filipino Poets by Meritage Press. You can read more at deviationcummeditation.word press.com

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