Landscape w/ Suicide by John Sweet

or this blind man lost in
the forest of the profane
or this painting by rousseau

sunlight as metaphor

age of lucid dreams

some asshole talking about
getting back to the good old days
when all he’s ever known is
wealth and privilege

understands rape from the
predator’s side

worships only the hand that
holds the whip and
i am standing in the half-light of
shadowed sidewalks on some
bitter january afternoon

i am willing to give the idea of
all the scorn that it deserves

am willing to let
the dead be forgotten

we will all be numbered
among them soon enough

john sweet, b 1968, still numbered among the living. A believer in writing as catharsis. an optimistic pessimist. Opposed to all organized religion and political parties. Avoids zealots and social media whenever possible. His latest collections include A NATION OF ASSHOLES W/ GUNS (2015 Scars Publications) and APPROXIMATE WILDERNESS (2016 Flutter Press). All pertinent facts about his life are buried somewhere in his writing.

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