The Joy of Crows by Bill Gainer

for Lew Welch

Having never found
the comfortable place
where love is simple
and the others just let it be.

they have rules
fucking rules
the fucking rules.

Always an expectation
not to be lived up to.
Always broken things
kept in secret places
yesterday’s dreams
scrape tired wishes
from hearts too worn
to heal.

Yes the revolver
is kept close
waiting for its note.
Something short:

Cremation –
somewhere out of the way
where the bastards
can’t complain
about the smoke
and the crows can roll
in my ashes
with joy.

Bill Gainer is a storyteller, humorist, award winning poet and the maker of mysterious things. He earned his BA from St. Mary’s College and his MPA from the University of San Francisco. He is the publisher of the PEN Award winning R. L. Crow Publications and is the ongoing host of Red Alice’s Poetry Emporium (Sacramento, CA). Gainer is internationally published and known across the country for giving legendary fun filled performances. His work is not for sissies. Gainer’s latest book, Lipstick and Bullet Holes, is from Epic Rites Press, Canada (2014). Visit:


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