Internet Outrage! by Melanie Browne

The Chihuahua & the monkey
are fighting on a video
uploaded to the Facebook
The monkey is playing with
the Chihuahua’s whiskers
and the Chihuahua has
had enough
and bites at the monkey and
the monkey jumps away and slaps
at the Chihuahua like a cat.
People are offended.
Jeanne says
“this is not a bit funny,”
Linda says
“This is disgusting behavior,”
Elana says
“you are sick in the head!”
Donna says monkeys are
vicious and “might rip body
parts off at any second,”
I guess Donna has
never fought
with her husband
and Jeanne has never
screamed at her sibling
and Linda has never provoked
a co-worker
all Mother Theresa’s
feeding the homeless
dogs and never
a case of the giggles

Melanie Browne
Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas with her husband and three kids.

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