Extended Cities by Robert F. Gross

Dead and what remains of the hand stretches clear out to the suburbs.

Palmistry. Map of what’s left for the living.

He told me once.

No I won’t be buried. Don’t even fancy being found.

A John Doe sort of life and death.

Refuse to be manicured.

At any age. At your age. At my age.

He gave up on shoelaces and shuffled.

Dead and what remains of the afternoon is spent on sidewalks.

At least they don’t have dogs.

No place for conversation and what remains is stitchery.

An abandoned stretch of prognostication.

Only invisible arts.

The cause of death is better left unknown.

Robert F. Gross 2
Robert F. Gross just finished directing Love for Sale at Manhattan’s SoHo Playhouse. He’s hanging out at present in Rochester, NY, writing, and doing volunteer archival work at the Visual Studies Workshop. Poems of his have lately appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, Literary Orphans, and Strange Poetry.

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