Mahogany and Vetiver by Danielle Dix

From the air I remembered:
scented, a winter in mahogany and vetiver.
The mind left behind and so strangely arranged.
Feeding faith into change,
pushing change into time,
losing time and time again
losing me.
And growing less.
My longing for solitude
stronger than loneliness.
Then, breathing the candle’s woe
into the piano below,
blending into the burnt wall orange glow
cast by shuddering wick and shadow,
conducting soft notes into infinity
and soothing through the soul’s symphony.
A cosmic choreography
of scarlet skin sinking in.
And from within,
spinning silk and bleeding melody.
From the air I remembered:
mending mind in dim lit imagery,
winter weather,
and rich mahogany.

I am a poet with a tendency to focus on challenges that people create within themselves. While adventures steal my money and impulses drive my mind, I am compiling a set of poems that I hope will not fall prey to abandonment in a cardboard box. I have been published in Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.

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