Broken Branches Part I by Thasia Anne

Flaking bark, breaks loose
Punky, smelling,
pokey wood,
damp broken L
L for Lunger, linger over that
Think about the growth
and breakdowns it took
To take a breath,
after the death of the past
Fears that perfection
wouldn’t last,
but it did, it does
Branched out, family tree
for many beings, needing
branches, and chances at
normality, serenity
or the safety of
family tree trunks,
on which occasionally a chunk breaks off.

Thasia Anne
Thasia Anne is the producer, director, and participant in Women of Word featuring a few Man Made Words (WOW) on Edinboro University of Pennsylvania campus. WOW has as the troop of poets reading individual poetry woven into conversation, with 2017 being the seventh year. She has been published in “Our Favorites”; Poets’ Halls Press, “Spitmag; Art and Poetry Magazine Vol.2, & 3”, “Poetry of S.O.U.L. An anthology of selected works from Poets around the world”, “Word Stock” and “Delirious, A Poetic Celebration of Prince.”



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