A Giant by A.J. Kaufmann

I’m digging globetrotting, mindboggling young fields
if you, looking live
ancient poems sunrays melting, seen teardrops to sunrise
lovely little keep growing
always from loneliest dogs
to social
last till dawn
Sunday afternoon
one night freedom’s
hand for the times
won’t go flowing? oh, it will
you take frail chrome lightning
that finally sees me
talking of protest
but couldn’t hear libraries of people
the weight of their scrapbooks
big me moving
will hear it just as we are
generic lamps, door
was in all this growing
limitless sweet baby
painting levees
if time
points carefully

A.J. Kaufmann is a modern Polish poet, songwriter and musician. He’s the author of “Siva in Rags” (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2008), “Broke Nuptial Minds” (Virgogray Press, 2009), “Hosannah Honeypots” (KSE, 2013), and other poetry chapbooks. He blogs at http://ajkaufmann.wordpress.com, and his music/audio site is http://ajkaufmann.bandcamp.com.

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