Pregnant Father’s And Other Authors #59 by THE PRETZELED POET Michael Joseph Patton

I let my pen fill the space of this once blank page.
I let it fuel my mind until another poem is made.
Sometimes this pen seems to write by itself.
Sometimes my feelings are your feelings as well.
The meat of all poetry is in its real message.
But it will mean nothing if the reader doesn’t get it.
So write for yourself and hope for a connection.
Write from the heart and not for perfection.
There are styles for miles in the poetry files.
Some are the shit and some are just piles.
But all of us poets have one thing in common.
Our poems are our children and we are their mama’s.
Poetry to me is always a labor of love.
I don’t know the next thing my mind will think of.
The excitement of the newness will never wear off.
As I take another drink from the poetry trough.
I write down my words and give them a birth.
Then send out my poor babies to the universe.
As I hide in the darkness like a scared introvert.
Waiting for some others to give me an affirm.

My name is Michael Joseph Patton. I am a 55-year-old divorced father of three lovely daughters.I work as a cook and like to spend my free time writing poetry, spending time with family and friends, walking in the woods or the beach and reading other poets.I am very new to the poetry world, having only written for less than 2 years, but look forward to many years of writing left in me.

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