Disgust by Wayne F. Burke

we shoveled the snow off the old lime kiln road
which iced-over
and we rode our sleds
sixty miles an hour
and out into a back street
where we took our chances
with cars
and one day
between the time it took me to hike
from bottom of the road
to top
a snow plow had come
and gone
and left a snow drift
that I hit
and went air-born
like a ski jumper
and I landed
on my sled
but with my head out beyond the
steering bar
and I broke my front teeth
on the road
and got up
and ran home
each icy stinging breath
and burst into the warm steamy kitchen
and cried: “I broke my teeth!”
and my grandmother turned to me
but my sister gave me a look
of disgust
I hated her for.

Wayne F. Burke’s poetry has appeared in a variety of publications (including “In Between Hangovers”). His three published poetry collections, all from Bareback Press, are WORDS THAT BURN, DICKHEAD, and KNUCKLE SANDWICHES. His chapbook PADDY WAGON is published by Epic Rites Press. He lives in Vermont.

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