Pale Blue Dot by Simon Cockle

I’m walking through squares,
neat parks edged with hotels,

following the beat of the blue icon
down the matt reductionist
map of Holborn;

this is how London reveals itself
in the age of the smartphone.

I sleepwalk
like a slo-mo Pachinko ball
in 2-D but still sense
breezes and people,

And I can drill down deep
to streetview and try to
match the scene in front of me
to the real thing
in the palm of my hand.

It is only when I
reach my destination
that I realise
I am a pale blue dot
in a universe of pixels.

Simon Cockle is a poet and writer from Hertfordshire. He writes as part of Poetry ID, a Stanza of the Poetry Society. His poems have been published in iOTA, Prole, The Lampeter Review, An Algebra of Owls and the London Progressive Journal, amongst others. He was invited to read at last year’s Ledbury Poetry Festival as part of the Poetica Botanica event. He teaches English in a local comprehensive school, and has a wife and daughter who nod reassuringly when he reads them his poems. More of his poems can be found at .

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