Free-fall Love by Gregg Dotoli

Jomeo and Ruliet
dizzying heart pumping elation
junkie-like want
schemes , dreams and uncut hope
anything to sustain this dream-high
the weakening love-dam
leaks fragile rapture
as time deals a nagging feeling
reminding all lovers
talk lessens, kisses diminish, moons fade
hastening that trip to normal
old feelings
crash in a hole
where melted hearts
now freeze and shatter on impact
creating a blinding mountain of red crystal

Gregg Dotoli lives in New York City area and has studied English at Seton Hall University. He works as a white hat hacker, but his first love is the arts. His poems have been published in, Quail Bell Magazine, The Four Quarters Magazine, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Halcyon Magazine, Allegro Magazine, the Mad Swirl, Voices Project, Writing Raw and Down in the Dirt.

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