Fields by Milenko Županović

The King stood proudly
in his black uniform
Hunters had weapons
ready on black horses
On the end were placed
cannon, the last link
of that chain
In front of them
stands the infantry,
ready to die for his King
Queen looking at him
The war last for centuries,
the battle does’t solve anything
The  battlefield was transformed
into black and white
For centuries, the fields were left
soaked in their colors,
and now we stand on them
This field will again paint our colors
Of blood and death.

milenko photo
Milenko Županović was born in 1978 in Kotor (Montenegro). By profession he is a graduate marine engineer, but in his free time, he writes poetry and short stories. His stories and poems have been published by many magazines, blogs and websites, mostly in the Europe, U.S. and in Latin America. In 2010 he wrote and published his first book, a collection of stories, and he also written and published few collections of poems (ebooks). In 2015 he wrote and published his second book , a collection of stories and poetry. In 2016 he wrote his third book , a collection of poetry (published in USA, project ”Poems for all”) His book ”Martiri”was published in italian language. Milenko is an ethnic Croat and lives in the town of Kotor (Montenegro) with his wife and 3 sons.

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