New Girl At My Bar by Bradford Middleton

I walk on in and suddenly I see her
A girl, a mere young slip of a girl
I’ve thought about for a while
And tonight she’s working in my bar
So I walk up to take a seat only for her
To recognise me and come over
Start chatting and ignoring all the others
Who queue patiently waiting for their beer
Whilst mine is poured and I joke
And she laughs as I settle in

She looks like a dream
With sexy glasses, hot legs
And a skirt that isn’t much bigger
Than my belt and every time
She bends over to reach into the
Fridge my eyes grow large
Imagining what is at the top
And how can I get to it
Whilst slowly the pub empties
And suddenly there are just four of us
Another customer who it transpires is a high-up
Literary bod from some provincial university
Her, our heroine of this night who is another graduate
Destined for a lifetime of minimum wage jobs
Clasping her degree in English lit from this towns’
Better university and the other bar guy who I’ve
Seen many time before who is hanging by a thread
As the night before had been the bosses party

We sit around and suddenly the idea of a lock-in is proposed
And with it now only half-past-ten the door is shut as
Everyone lights up a cigarette as a round of shots is
Ordered and consumed before I realise that shit my money
Is gone, all spent on beautiful booze so off I must go
But not before she promises me cheap drinks if I come
See her in the other place so next time I go out guess where I’ll be going

Bradford Middleton was born in London in the summer of 1971 but didn’t begin writing poetry until he was 36 when he landed in Brighton.  He has a couple of chapbooks available, Drink Drank Drunk from Crisis Chronicles Press (Ohio, USA) and A Life Like This Ain’t For the Faint-Hearted from Holy & Intoxicated Press (Hastings, UK) as well as lots of material available online and in print.  Some of the places that have published his work include Zygote in my Coffee, Five Poetry, Ppigpenn, Rapoetics, Chicago Record, Rolling Thunder Quarterly, Section 8 Magazine, Mad Swirl, Your One Phone Call, Dead Snakes and Empty Mirror.  He tweets occasionally @beatnikbraduk. 


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