Are You Experienced? by Mark James Andrews

I was perched on the toilet at 7 AM when I suddenly
noticed a crow doing the same

without the comfort or decorum of a pot up in the leafless
ash tree planted for privacy

peering down through the window at me when the bird
reached behind a wing with his beak

& produced a blue tip stick match and began striking it
against the bark to no result but scratching

continuously and sounding to me muffled by the closed
double glass like the intro to

Are You Experienced? which I had not heard in at least
4o years.  I tranced in the performance but

it suddenly occurred to me that maybe this crow simply
wanted a cigarette which I had not smoked

also in 4o years when the bird dropped the match, shook
its shaggy head and flew off

to the next door neighbor’s roof & gave me a sidelong
look which seemed to say

Come fly with me and together we’ll join the circus.

Mark James Andrews has had a full and checkered career as a gravedigger, inspector at a defunct auto plant and jail librarian. He is author of several chapbooks of poetry including Burning Trash (Pudding House), Compendium 20/20 (Deadly Chaps) and a poetry CD, Brylcreem Sandwich (with Tom Brzezina). His poems, stories and nonfiction have appeared in over 50 print and online publications including Chiron Review, Working Stiff; The Anthology of Professional Wrestling Literature & Art, Underground Voices, Misfit Magazine, Gutter Eloquence, Short, Fast, and Deadly and Red Fez. He continues to live and write on the borderline of Detroit most of the time.

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