Teleshopping by John Doyle

Teleshopping is moments away, moon takes cover behind black,
mourn us now, midnight has struck;
our bodies – simply sentient, have turned to dust.

This is how morning greets us, rows and rows of weight-loss tat
do the Charleston, in hours that fall from grace – on this former silver screen.

Adorno put his pen to his head and pulled the trigger, splash of red on the buttons, and the shrapnel turned the screen black

John Doyle Bio: The only good bio is a bio strung-up outside some gold-prospector’s wooden shack with his dog Jake sniffing at its last remaining remnants of sanguine flesh; So I will keep it simple, I’m from County Kildare, Ireland, and I love nothing more than stumbling across 3rd Division football games in Slovenia or Belgium on a Sunday morning as a welcome interlude while trying outsmart fellow bio hunters.

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