New Dose For Poet Changing The Teeth by Daniel de Cullá

Avellaneda’s four versatile verses
Espronceda’s four trisyllabic verses
Lope de Vega’ s four  heptasíllabic verses
Mineral water or tonic with gin.
At dusk of the day
You have to get Luna’s tongue out
Climbing up to the top of a pine tree
Spending the night singing:
“For hurt love, she does not come to see me”.
Next morning
Stripping the verses of the cited poets
Head on the cinnamon flower
Putting the mineral water to a boil
Or taking a tonic with gin
Shouting to the sky in Poetry:
-For the bright moon
And that verse inside her
That my teeth come back
Because I do not sleep, not veil
Now stripping the quoted poets’ verses
By its first order:
Sad night you already seeing
Such sweet sighs the lyre that hurt
Poor little mine’s small boat
Between broken rocks
Without candles, unveiled
And among the waves alone.
Then, make a French tortilla
Of two moon-shaped eggs in waning
And give it to the first traditional poetess
Passing from the Low Mancha
Who does not have tooth nor teeth
And do You will see
As your set of teeth is coming back sprouting
The plain truth!
With your horns and the same teeth.

Daniel de Culla (1955) is a writer, poet, and photographer. He is also a member of the Spanish Writers Association, Earthly Writers International Caucus, Poets of the World, and others. Director of Gallo Tricolor Review, and Robespierre Review. He has participated in Festivals of Poetry, and Theater in Madrid, Burgos, Berlin, Minden, Hannover and Genève .He has exposed in many galleries from Madrid, Burgos, London, and Amsterdam. He is moving between North Hollywood, Madrid and Burgos, Spain. His address is in Burgos, just now. He has more than 70 published books.

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