One For the Road by Jeff Bagato

There’s going to be another nighttime
and another chance to sleep,
you wait and see, where the wine flows,
and there’s fun with science, and the
electrons wiggle from radium dials,
your chest rising with an easy air,
and the blankets warming like a match
burns twice, like laughing in your face
hurts because your tears poured acid
on freckled skin because you knew
death was near, the playground a
mile long, the teacher trying to crack
your brain like an egg, tears
falling because now your wife is dead and
now your cat is dead, and your
grandmother, and your mother
never loved you, never sang you
through the lonely long night,
never carried you through white hallways
echoing lies like bedwetting shame
hanging down from God’s throne
on high and survival distant;
God doesn’t care and your books don’t
care; your friends family lovers children
boss and fellow workers don’t care,
and it’s goddamn fucking time you decreased
the surplus population, about time you did something
about it besides steal your groceries,
your cheese and chocolate, about time
you climbed up and jumped and said hello
to Mr. Impossible, Mr. Good Time Charlie,
“Well here we are folks to celebrate the departure
of one of man’s vilest foes, think of all the
fun we had together, hand holding, weeping,
wasting away, losing our best and brightest
and horniest and the all round best
guys, and you know we need to shout
it from the rooftops that this one’s
out of our lives forever, this one’s
TKO—arrividerci soma—come on, now
let’s have a big round of applause for public
enemy number one,” the world stood
still as a quasar belched into its hand
“Forgive me”

Jeff Bagato is a writer and electronic musician living near Washington, DC. Some of his poetry has appeared in Zoomoozophone Review, Otoliths, Clockwise Cat, Zombie Logic Review, Full of Crow, Exquisite Corpse, and Chiron Review. His most recent book of poems, Savage Magic, came out in early 2016. Other poetry books include And the Trillions and Spells of Coming Day. He has also published several science fiction novels, including The Toothpick Fairy, Computing Angels, and Dishwasher on Venus. A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at

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