Six Of One by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

when hell-bent to crap
on another person,
commit to a heroic crap
––once crap is airborne
it is pledge of allegiance
not monkey play

accept that once your
skivvies are bunched
around your boots, the
order to fire! given,
you can’t half-crap

accept too you can’t
deny a crap
on another person
by lighting an alter

crap is Anna Nicole Smith
unauthorized biography
crap is six of one and
a half dozen of the other

Wanda Morrow Clevenger - Copy
Wanda Morrow Clevenger is a Carlinville, IL native living in her husband’s hometown of Hettick, IL, population 200 give or take. She’s placed over 422 pieces of work in 149 print and electronic publications. She is currently attempting to sway a publisher into accepting her full-length poetry manuscript. She hasn’t seen any pigs fly by so believes she’s still got a shot.



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