the way a river strips naked for the sea by Paul Koniecki

after joining
our bodies knew hunger
with no bottom
no sides to take
and no end
echoing and
like kissing and
pressing and love
you put a pizza in
the oven forgetting
to remove the
cardboard base
we made love again
on the weight bench
i used as a couch
the oven smoked
i said guayasmin
Is gone
(and other useless
i am going to quito in the fall
you said i see our
unborn children
and your temples
going gray
i set my face to ask
have you seen my villanelle
(now) the apartment
is gone
like a distant station
i touch myself with ghosts
and write another poem

Paul Koniecki is co-curator of Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase at Deep Vellum Books in Dallas, Texas where he also hosts the monthly open mic series, The Vellum Ouroboros. Most recently his chapbook, Reject Convention, was published by Kleft Jaw Press and his poems have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies since 1985. Noted director Richard Bailey’s film, “One Of The Rough” contains several Paul Koniecki original poems and was shown at The Berlin Experimental Film Festival in December of 2016. When he isn’t writing he is dreaming of being reborn as a poetry tree. His motto remains, “I want to write a book of poetry to chase down loneliness and punch it in the face”.



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