Broken Branches Part II by Thasia Anne

My mother once the tree
strong and invincible has,
become the flexible willow,
Wind forced her to accept all atrocities;
    Her polio
    My Father
    Her Husband
    My abuser
Fled, vanished, possibly, vanquished

Suddenly needing to provide for two baby birds
just as storms stripped her bare
She was not spared
humiliation, degradation, separation,
Needing rehabilitation;
while being sole custodial parent,
of two elementary aged, flightless beings

A choice to send us away
for the summer
while she attempted to regain
reframe, and find her way
She shed old bark;
started life anew,
and delighted with reunited family

Minus the Mister
Minus the monster

Eventually bark regrew, regain, regrew and restructured

Thasia Anne
Thasia Anne is the producer, director, and participant in Women of Word featuring a few Man Made Words (WOW) on Edinboro University of Pennsylvania campus. WOW has as the troop of poets reading individual poetry woven into conversation, with 2017 being the seventh year. She has been published in “Our Favorites”; Poets’ Halls Press, “Spitmag; Art and Poetry Magazine Vol.2, & 3”, “Poetry of S.O.U.L. An anthology of selected works from Poets around the world”, “Word Stock” and “Delirious, A Poetic Celebration of Prince.”

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