Sitting In The Dark by Frank Reardon

Sitting in the dark
while Rambo runs
across the TV screen
like some bullshit hero
dipped in vasoline.
Whatever happened
to lively barrooms,
the album Nebraska,
and loud stories shared
in between sips of beer?
What ever happened
to the full throttle,
no questions asked,
restless, barrel chested,
I don’t give a shit sexuality
of a rusted out
’57 Chevy?

Frank Reardon was born in 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts, and currently lives in Minot, North Dakota. Frank has published poetry and short stories in many reviews, journals and online zines. His first poetry collection, Interstate Chokehold, was published by NeoPoiesis Press in 2009 as well as his second poetry collection Nirvana Haymaker in 2012. His third poetry collection Blood Music was published by Punk Hostage Press in 2013. In 2014 Reardon published a chapbook with Dog On A Chain Press titled The Broken Halo Blues. Frank is currently working on more short fiction.

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