Jealousy Is An Ugly Shade Of You # 158 by THE PRETZELED POET Michael Joseph Patton

I remember the first time I saw your face.
Heart stuck in my throat like I was Linda Lovelace.
Now all I can think about is your loving embrace.
So I’m yours faithfully until my dying days.
A few years go by and your love starts to waiver.
You give me your body like you’re doing me a favor.
All because you think I want love in a different flavor.
But I don’t know how to deal with this kind of behavior.
Jealousy is an ugly shade of you.
You turned our red hot love to a greener hue.
I think you need glasses for this point of view.
Because thinking like this is so far from the truth.
If we go to a party and someone catches my eyes.
Don’t stand there in silence and act so surprised.
I’m only human and I’m barely civilized.
But I’ll never leave you baby cause you’re half of my life.
If you hold on too tightly you break what you hold.
If you want to hold on you’ve got to let go.
No one feels love when their being controlled.
So loosen the leash and untie the blindfold.
Jealousy is an ugly shade of you.
It’s not something I can get used to.
I can’t live my life too scared to move.
And I can’t take a bite of this toxic soup.
Think about jealousy with some kind of logic.
You can’t lock me away in your bedroom closet.
I know you’ve been hurt and you’re just being cautious.
But you need to get this point into your noggin.
If I want to go out and cheat.
There is nothing stopping me, but me.
You really can’t do a single thing.
But lock me up or let me be.

My name is Michael Joseph Patton. I am a 55-year-old divorced father of three lovely daughters.I work as a cook and like to spend my free time writing poetry, spending time with family and friends, walking in the woods or the beach and reading other poets.I am very new to the poetry world, having only written for less than 2 years, but look forward to many years of writing left in me.


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