Why’d You Shave Your Head? by John W. Snyder

I wanted
to have a Britney Spears

I wanted
to scream people in half
with chainsaw-tongue
and lash at their
heart strings
with my novella life.

I just lost my head/my hair.

a poem in my skin
All I need
is my skin.

I wanted
fur for a moment.
Better than you-man!

I wanted

Not from me
                          for me

I wanted.

You get what you give
so any day now
I’ll be getting someone’s hairy regrets.

There’s no more answer in my ANSWER
so I’ll pose a question(s):




Third one’s false.

God told me to.
Goddess told me to.
Ganesha told me to.
Gary Oldman told me to.
No one told me to.

“No, no I said ‘Why’d you shave your head?’”

Oh. I thought you said something else.

I tried to cut my own hair
but it didn’t work out

so I had to shave it all off.

John W. Snyder
John W. Snyder is a Pushcart nominated poet from Staten Island. He is most known for being a chatchki walking around in a human suit.

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