Mug Story by Troy Kody Cunio

He’s got two coffeemugs on the table in front of him. One for the ash and one for the wine. The ash mug has a glow-in-the-dark alien on it. It fades exactly 37 seconds after the last thing I have to say. His smoke’s blending with the fog – I can’t tell where the night ends and his breath begins. And what would another dawn be but another excuse? He doesn’t kiss me but I know the bitterness his mouth must taste like. Will I see you again, I say. You already have, he replies. The question is, will you ever stop?

Troy Kody Cunio lives in Orlando. His work has appeared in NYSAI, Beech Street Review, The Literary Bohemian, Sweet Wolverine, The Kitchen Poet, and others. He is the uneditor of Rejected Poetry Journal ( You can find his books at

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