Arrow by Blaine Kaltman

It’s hard pulling back a bow, to shoot an arrow, don’t let go

There’s pressure mounting on your arm, you quake and shake, protect from harm

Your muscles tense to hold the course, resistance must be met with force

The more you pull the more you endure, But hold that string! Stretch it more!

It takes great strength to make a change, to shoot that arrow ‘cross the range

To hold that string, to make it bend, to see your dreams through to their end

But someday we will shoot it free. Our lives, our arrow, you and me.

And when that time to shoot has come, we’ll shoot that arrow into the sun.


Blaine Kaltman has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Queensland. He is the author of “Under the Heel of the Dragon” and the producer, lead actor, and screenplay writer of the award winning film “Back Alley Bulls” He is a Foreign Service officer with the US State Department and fluent in Mandarin Chinese. His latest artistic venture is a hard rock band named Stone Mob and a cowboy themed video to support their first single “Murder Town” . But none of this has stopped Blaine from writing poems almost everyday for the past twenty years.

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