Broken Branches III by Thasia Anne

The tiny half grown birdling flew away in the wind
She crashed in and out of nests strewn with litter
And then onto the next nest;
trying to become at least
half of what mother bird had made herself to be

Finally flat on the ground bound by bruises
tied up in hand made nooses
Tiny; sought strong straight trees for answers
Trees; with stepping stone bark
Trees; with branches that bent willowy to reach her
Trees which beseeched her to stop trying to heal all of the other broken winged birds
To heal herself;
To deal with all the self-inflicted wounds
To become in tune with what she wanted, needed, or was fleeing from
Tiny, rested, nested, and became aware of the view

Thasia Anne
Thasia Anne is the producer, director, and participant in Women of Word featuring a few Man Made Words (WOW) on Edinboro University of Pennsylvania campus. WOW has as the troop of poets reading individual poetry woven into conversation, with 2017 being the seventh year. She has been published in “Our Favorites”; Poets’ Halls Press, “Spitmag; Art and Poetry Magazine Vol.2, & 3”, “Poetry of S.O.U.L. An anthology of selected works from Poets around the world”, “Word Stock” and “Delirious, A Poetic Celebration of Prince.”

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