Africa Tell Me by Gerry Sikazwe

You say I can speak freely,
Yet threaten to cut off my tongue should I talk against you,
You tell me I can think however I choose,
Yet you promise too behead me, should I manage to read ill your plans,
What rights do I have really?
What freedom do I possess frankly?
Africa you untie the nylon ropes that bind my hands in your speeches,
But chain them back with steel rods by your actions,
This is confusing what am I, bound or loose?
This is paradoxical what am I really, enslaved or freed?
Tell me!

Gerry Sikazwe
I am Gerry Sikazwe and I write poetry. I am currently a student at the University of Zambia pursuing a Bachelors degree in Adult Education. I have a poetry page on Facebook where I feature most of my poems, my poems have also been featured on sites such as and




2 thoughts on “Africa Tell Me by Gerry Sikazwe

  1. Thank you for the poem, Gerry. These are important questions, worth asking. The confusion is only a feeling. The important thing is to keep on asking the questions.
    I’m looing forward to your next poem.


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