Catching The Train by Michael H. Brownstein

I have made it to the train, barely,
winter, Jefferson City , Missouri ,
river ice and thaw, iced and thawed,
the river’s banks scarred and sewn
with root and crusts of snow.
The wind has substance, the train coming,
one goose over the water,
two herring gulls, a few pigeons,
the cold will not leave and
I am near the Governor’s mansion,
downwind, one last hill,
the train sliding into the station,
sliding and braking and sliding
and both the goose and the train
honking, honking, honking.

Michael H. Brownstein has been widely published throughout the small and literary presses. He has nine poetry chapbooks including Poems from the Body Bag (Ommation Press, 1988), Firestorm: A Rendering of Torah (Camel Saloon Press, 2012), The Possibility of Sky and Hell: From My Suicide Book (White Knuckle Press, 2013).

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