What does the heart want? by Isabelle Marlene Serna

I want love. I want your
heart to be mine. Be
my always my life my light—
I want a thump-thump heart throbs—
heart spans heart yearns heart be mine.

I want your lips. So warm
soft wet smooth, against mine. Glisten
under campus lights, brighten the night,
red bruises—bite—suck—holding—
each other, each other tight
hold my hand, my light my bright—
my sunshine.

I want your trust. Open arms
I empty my hands
I will not leave lie cheat
revealing all, you see through me
noticing, aware eyes
glass to souls—
souls to hearts—hearts to sight
Clear, not—
bought broken shattered shot.

I want your touch. Religion is
capture; rapture
rush rave mark trace pace press feel reach—
pure bare.
Sin is
crime; ecstasy
deep risk tremble shake—
infinite melody.
One day-night; dark-light; soft-rough
bad-good; sin-holy.

I want your hugs. Yes, like gold
I feed I sleep I drink
I dream I hold I need
a step of Faith, we have
Fate. We embrace
Fate, move my
holy dove. One
throne Faith Truth aim.

I want you. We are always
wild, always
young, always
free. You and I, Us, We—
don’t wanna be like them, because We—
can make it ‘til the end
A new age now; sunlight
ignite my dawning. Halo
my heart. Souls
sewn into skies.

Isabelle Marlene Serna
I.Marlene Serna was born in 1996 in Dallas, Texas and currently lives in College Station, Texas. She is a young, American writer who has written poems and short stories. She is a student at Texas A&M University- College Station, Class of 2019.

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