Who Am I # 157 by THE PRETZELED POET Michael Joseph Patton

When I was a little kid I knew who I was.
It wasn’t a question that I even thought of.
A simple existence I shared with my friends.
Not knowing our time was about to transcend.
My thoughts were fresh and clean.
My body still pristine.
I still had hope in my heart.
And a pocket full of dreams.
My dreams turned to nightmares right before my eyes.
Evil thoughts starting to invade my innocent mind.
I could not contain my feelings inside.
That’s the day Mr. Jekyll started to hyde.
Thought I’d ask myself who am I?
Just to see if I knew the answer.
All I got was confused and stymied.
To find out I’m no longer the master.
Who am I and what do I believe?
That questions getting harder to answer honestly.
Am I a good man, a bad man or somewhere in between?
Has my soul crossed the line for being obscene?
Today I speak with grown up eyes.
But I found my kid and he’s still alive.
Maybe someday soon I’ll come to realize.
He was here all along but in disguise.

My name is Michael Joseph Patton. I am a 55-year-old divorced father of three lovely daughters.I work as a cook and like to spend my free time writing poetry, spending time with family and friends, walking in the woods or the beach and reading other poets.I am very new to the poetry world, having only written for less than 2 years, but look forward to many years of writing left in me.

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