At The Dive Bar by Melanie Browne

I take a selfie
with a wolf,
& upload it
to Facebook
I watch my friend
play guitar
and sip my
white Russian
but its too sweet
and the bathroom
is closed so if
I need to pee
I would have to go
to the tittie bar
next door.
later a big guy
and a skinny guy
and a man in a suit
run in ever widening
circles to the
screams of thrashing
I move back
afraid the big guy
might trip
and knock a
few of us out,
I want to run
in circles too,
but no women do.
probably too dangerous.
The wolf says his cousin
is in the band
called the Rabid Flesh Eaters
I see him
smoking on the steps
as I walk to my car,
the moon having
into the evening

Melanie Browne
Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas with her husband and three kids.

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