Double Take by Gregg Dotoli

DC Politicians in Gucci and Jewels
drunk on mega-benefits and obscene pensions
deluded greed driven politiCO-whores
duped and bought by strategizing Big Data lobbyists
who now own congressional skin handbags
while fake white PC teeth smile in fear
kicking that bucket , down the road
vomiting lies of hope and terror awareness
gassy black CNN/Fox souls and the hill watch debt pile, casualties mount and dreams rot

leaving hungry, doctorless, slaving workers
dirtpoor children whose lunch money goes abroad
to pay our Chinese debtor
nontaxed corporate billions sit safely off shore
While the IRS WANTS YOU!
laws …compliments of congress and BigMoney

Baby Boomer John/Jane eyed the American Dream light show
a free decade of woodstock driven acid trails
The we can do this 60s and 70s bust
July4th blusters of pop’s good olddays
and the strange flurry of a distant Huey
while Jane/Jack Doe’s families
still buy the false hope, belched by fake news deception
of the one true party
the Reamocrats

Gregg Dotoli lives in New York City area and has studied English at Seton Hall University. He works as a white hat hacker, but his first love is the arts. His poems have been published in, Quail Bell Magazine, The Four Quarters Magazine, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Halcyon Magazine, Allegro Magazine, the Mad Swirl, Voices Project, Writing Raw and Down in the Dirt.

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