Small Talk by Beth Gordon

Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.  Tell you that I grew up on a farm in Illinois, rising every morning to mix formula for calves, feed them by hand and name each one.  Startle you with my knowledge of pig butchering, the details of blood flowing into buckets, carrying them to the summer kitchen to watch the clumsy clotting.  While we share a bottle of wine I will tell you that I stopped naming animals when I bit into sausage and tasted the greasy juice of my favorite sow.  I will savor                     the look on your face, a mirror image of slaughter.  Your frightened gasp, my favorite familiar sound.

Beth Gordon
Beth spends most Friday nights in the home of her friends, JD and Dale, drinking wine and writing about drinking wine. After doing this for a couple of years, they decided to see if anything they had written might entertain other people. Her work has recently appeared in Into the Void, Calamus Journal, Slink Chunk Press, Five:2:One, Barzakh, Dime Show Review, Drunk Monkeys, Rabble Lit, Black Napkin Press, After the Happy Hour and others.

One thought on “Small Talk by Beth Gordon

  1. I gasped a bit myself. Never thought of Beth happily writing of buckets of blood. Then again, that is what writing is all about.
    Thank you.


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