Confession by Brenton Booth

He told me
he was going
to kill himself
and a friend
gave him a
copy of my
he didn’t
want it
he never read
especially books
of poetry
but his friend
he read it at
1am on a bad
night to try to
take his mind
off things
he read it
over and over
and called his
mother the
next morning
for the first
time in 4 years
she didn’t
recognize his
voice at first
and they ended
up talking for
I thought my
life was terrible.
That I was the
only one. Then
I read your poems.
And realized I
wasn’t the only
one. Thank you,
he said.
No. Thank you,
I said and hoped
to one day feel
the same.

Brenton Booth
Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. If you want to read more of his work check out his book ” Punching The Teeth From The Sky” with the following link

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