Rattling The Cage by Paul Tanner

Maybe prison
wouldn’t be so bad?

I’d undoubtedly be
some meat head’s bitch –
but am I not
a mistreated whore
in society?
Do I not
arse-lick bully boys
for thinly-veiled security,
and only semi-
metaphorically, to boot?

They say
it only hurts
the first time

but society
has been fucking me
for years
and it always hurts.

What’s that?
I’ll be a sponge on society?

Mate, I’ve clocked in
nearly a decade of dole,
I’m nearly immune to that one.

Oh, you think
it’ll affect my
job prospects?
Any worse than finishing school,
keeping your head down
and doing everything your told

And they give you books,
while all the libraries are closed
out here …

Most of all though
I can finally achieve
the solitary confinement
that playing by the rules
was supposed to bring me …

Well, I suppose now
the only question is:
who do I kill?

Paul Tanner photo
Paul Tanner’s new book ‘Notes of A Pleb Vol. 6’ will be available soon and this poem’s from it.



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