The Tenderloin Social Club by Michael N. Thompson

The politics of contraband
emerge like locusts
where dead and alive look the same

Villainy shapes the terrain
with chalk outlines
and shell games

Blue bloods assigned to the beat
swim in a dirty pool of duplicity

They pistol-whip white trash prophets
just to let them know
that hell stains like jailhouse ink

Crash test dummies trade their blood
for ten bucks and a bologna sandwich
at the nearest plasma center

Habitual underdogs always seem to know
where the good food lines are

Pollyannas who believe the good lord
doesn’t give folks any more
than they can handle
have never been to the Tenderloin

Michael N. Thompson
Michael N. Thompson likes bacon, fantasy football and Doctor Who. His poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals including Word Riot, Toronto Quarterly and San Pedro River Review. He is the author of four poetry collections. His fifth, Days Of Swine And Roses, will be released through University Of Hell Press in late 2017. Michael is currently at work on a crime fiction novel.

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