Exile by Julia Knobloch

I met a man today who once was in love
with the one and now he’s not
with the one anymore but maybe
still in love
in love, who knows,
with love itself?

Loss takes a long time to vanish, he said
while our train was rushing under the ground.
We kissed, and amazed, I thought how easy it was
to kiss a stranger on the train, how true it felt
and yet

we both must have rushed through worlds unseen,
bygone worlds sometimes conjured up in exile
where parts of us lie buried deep, so deep
they may never be recovered. . .

Well, at least I know I was —
going back to 2046 while
moving past it . .  .
because after all
I’m still in love
with love

Julia Knobloch is a former journalist turned translator, project manager, and emerging poet. She occasionally blogs for ReformJudaism.org, and she was awarded the 2016 Poem of the Year prize from Brooklyn Poets for her poem Daylight Saving Time. Her poems are published or forthcoming in Green Mountains Review, Yes, Poetry Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine, in between hangovers, Your One Phone Call and are featured on Brooklyn Poets’ social media outlets.




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