The Night the Fireflies Taught Dave Brubeck to Keep Time by Jason Baldinger

In the bar after a few rounds
she says, let’s take a walk in the cemetery
better idea, I return
let’s go back to my place
roll a joint, THEN go for a walk in the cemetery
her eyes light, she says Perfect!

It’s already past sunset
the pizza shop next door sells beer
Wanna split a quart of beer?
how could anyone say no?

She has heard tales of foxes
I have seen foxes
usually at dusk, on still nights
you may hear the pups play
yips and yelps, mingling
bat sirens, nighthawks, whitetail snorts

It’s a perfect night to sit in the grass
light rain occasional
we are laughing too hard
telling too many stories
to ever tell if there’s foxes
the alcohol, the joint
raise her voice
more manic than its usual
steady huskiness

I want there to be stenographers
for these nights, the madness
of my friends, all these accidental
poets letting their hair down
letting their hearts beat comfortable

We sit, lightning bugs
rise glow steady
¾ time
you swear tonight
is the same night
they taught Brubeck
how to keep time

Jason Baldinger
Jason Baldinger is a poet hailing for the Appalachian hamlet of Pittsburgh. He’s the author of several books the most recent of which, the chaplet, Fumbles Revelations (Grackle and Crow) is available now, and the collection Fragments of a Rainy Season (Six Gallery Press) which is coming in September. Recent publications include the Low Ghost Anthology Unconditional Surrender, Uppagus, Lilliput Review, Rusty Truck, Dirtbag Review, In Between Hangovers, Your One Phone Call, Winedrunk Sidewalk, Anti-Heroin Chic, Nerve Cowboy Concrete Meat Press, and Heartland! Poetry of Love, Solidarity and Resistance. You can hear Jason read some poems at



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