Where Were You? by Ruth Z. Deming

75 years ago today
Pearl Harbor was
bombed, torpedoed.
We watched it on
the 6 o’clock news
while munching
Doritos and
marveling at the
accuracy of the
Japanese bombers
and submarines.

The future president
of one of the Toyota
subsidiaries was the
First Prisoner of War.

Hari kari was his goal
but his American captors,
who believe an embryo is
alive at conception,
and denounce euthanasia
treated him like dung.

Years later
Kazuo Sakamaki, strong
as ten thousand ships
was reunited with his
sunken boat.

He remembered and
wept. Pledged peace
from now on.

Nothing could replace
the nine dead men
who perished on his watch

Their families grieve still.

When Sakamaki died at 81,
he was a man who studied war
no more.

ruth deming
Ruth Z. Deming has had her poetry published in lit mags including Literary Yard, River Poets, Blue Bonnet Review and JonahMagazine. She lives in Willow Grove, a suburb of Pennsylvania in the US of A.



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