A Ferocious Kiss Of Night-Vision by Mike Zone

She came at me with her mouth
and nothing bloomed nor glistened
but the trees in sun, dull in despair
at the indifference of it all
she injected searing lava into my veins
the arch of the back
the crash of the ivory tower
would’ve sailed ships
through the stormy sea of her name
marooned on remnant’s way
what an awful night
an awe inspiring evening
where two souls become one
through hips and hot springs
coursing through the ferocious wasteland
in reality
isn’t that the passion play?
sensuality, misery, ecstasy and mystery
the almond tree blooms
only to wither away
not by natural rot
implanted by the botany of desire
but a quick nick to the roots
poison tipped- ashes of tomorrow
cooling those river springs
the course still flows
putrid acrid scent
the worst part is…
who wouldn’t want to sail through that name again?
clinging to denial and pale hope
collecting fallen lashes
each one a crucifixion from uncanny amber eyes

Michael Zone is the author of Fellow Passengers: Pubic Transit Poetry, Meditations & Musings and Better than the Movies: 4 Screenplays. His work has been featured in Because Eileen, Dead Snakes, Horror Trash Sleaze, In Between Hangovers, Sick Lit Magazine, Three Line Poetry, Triadae Magazine and The Voices Project. He scrapes by in Grand Rapids, MI

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