The Dark Conscience by Martina Reisz Newberry

The dark conscience shimmies its way back to
your house with a vengeance. You’ll spend some quality
time, get re-aquainted. It brings news of
your children, the things they do not/will not/cannot
share. You learn of their hearts lacerated
again and again by the blades of whatever
you neglected. You learn of their fears which
are hot wires from fallen telephone poles, hiding
in wet grass – oh, your children with bare feet.
Rubber-soled shoes are the answer and where were you
to hand them out? No matter that you tried
to combine the skills of a cobbler and a chef,
the failure is all that counts.

Martina Reisz Newberry
​Newberry’s books are NEVER COMPLETELY AWAKE (Deerbrook Editions), TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME (due out in late 2017 from Unsolicited Press), WHERE IT GOES (Deerbrook Editions), LEARNING BY ROTE (Deerbrook Editions), RUNNING LIKE A WOMAN WITH HER HAIR ON FIRE (Red Hen Press), LIMA BEANS AND CITY CHICKEN: MEMORIES OF THE OPEN HEARTH (E.P. Dutton &Co) Her work has been anthologized and widely published in the U.S. and abroad. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Brian Newberry, a Media Creative.

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