Lifeline For A Lifetime by THE PRETZELED POET Michael Joseph Patton

I want to light your darkness.
I’ll be your candle in the wind.
I’ll always be there to guard you.
When the walls start closing in.
When life gets way too hard to handle.
I’ll be your mental punching bag.
You can hold me up by my ankles.
Until my knuckles start to drag.
When circumstances start to push you around.
I’ll be in your corner to knock them out.
All you’ve got to do is try to hunker down.
I’ll take all your bullets in this battleground.
On those days when you feel like you are drowning.
I’ll lead you to safety at the top of the mountain.
From down in the valley you can hear the wolves howling.
They put on a smiling face but underneath they are scowling.
If your pleasure is measured by your own success.
Then you’ll always be fishing for another compliment.
If you learn to help others dig out of their pits.
You’ll find that in life that’s as good as it gets.

My name is Michael Joseph Patton. I am a 55-year-old divorced father of three lovely daughters.I work as a cook and like to spend my free time writing poetry, spending time with family and friends, walking in the woods or the beach and reading other poets.I am very new to the poetry world, having only written for less than 2 years, but look forward to many years of writing left in me.

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