I Only Have Eyes For You by Ruth Z. Deming

Highly recommended
said the television ad
as I walked into the diner

with dishes clattering
spoons a-jingle and
low laughter that
made me feel I was
all alone.

Should I leave before
my tears fall? Should
I vow never to walk alone?

Betty Sue guided me to
a table, where a jukebox
from my childhood long
ago sat proud as an
accordion atop the table.

A piece of apple pie and

decaf, I said without
thinking. Shades of Laura
in Twin Peaks. No flies,
I nearly said.

And pressed the B and then
the 10 and heard a song more
beautiful than the Ninth of Beethoven
or Wagner’s Pilgrim’s Chorus

“I only have eyes for you,
sha-bom sha-bom,” by the
Ladies and Gentlemen
here, for the first time
at the Apollo Theatre in
Harlem are The Flamingos
of Chicago Illinoize.

We clap wildly as they strut
out sha-bom sha-bom in matching
blue suits and red ties, my! my!
as I finish my pie and ask for
one more cup.

ruth deming
Ruth Z. Deming has had her poetry published in lit mags including Literary Yard, River Poets, Blue Bonnet Review and JonahMagazine. She lives in Willow Grove, a suburb of Pennsylvania in the US of A.

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