I Was Just Arm Candy by G. Louis Heath

for my first wife, just a shiny bijou that went
well with her winter home on St. Croix
and her fleet of luxury cars.

I don’t know what I was thinking,
bondaging my 6-foot-4 heft to the
glitz of her world.

I know now she just wanted my Outland Trophy,
for best interior lineman, to grace her den,
and me along with it.

Today, I suffer flashbacks, traumas of a failed marriage.
Images of me seductively posed on that leopard skin
in front of her grand fireplace haunt me, all the time.

G. Louis Heath
G. Louis Heath, Ph.D., Berkeley, 1969, is Emeritus Professor, Ashford University. Clinton, Iowa. He enjoys reading his poems at open mics. He often hikes along the Mississippi River, stopping to work on a poem he pulls from his back pocket, weather permitting. His books include Leaves Of Maple, Long Dark River Casino, and Redbird Prof: Poems Of A Normal U, 1969-1981. He has published poems in a wide array of journals, including Eunoia, Episteme, Black Poppy Review, Lunaris Review, Indiana Voice Review, Whispers, Dead Snakes, Raw Dog Press, Weird Reader, Literary Yard, and Houseboat Literary Magazine.

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