First Time by Isabelle Marlene Serna

Like a tattoo you give
beautiful pain. First kiss is
sweet—warm. Mystery green eyes
watch—mine; you are my
perfect—size. You smell of
musky—fresh—mint, you taste of
warm—bliss, you feel of
smooth—warmth, you hug of
pure—need, you kiss of
positive light.
Affection, affects
us, prayers granted, we,—
touch feel pull tug bite suck lick breathe us.
We near edge. With
seared souls you lotion,—
my skin with
pure bliss.
Say your Grace, Bless
me, yes I
give thanks, But
holy water’s gonna
burn on me
I ain’t no angel
none gonna
greet me, slow fast breach—
Honey, see
Church, does not
fascinate me—
open mouth
oh, so warm—wet
fist me, labels are just
not, for you—me

Yes us, spread
heat, rush
warmth, pure
need. Please
span stretch pace reach.
Sometimes love drunk or—
is it lust, some nights I
touch, spread legs it’s a—
rush, warm hot wet
I wish it was—
your touch
Trace my
line shape figure
curves on me—
Continuity, Honey
Our limit—
does not exist, we have
our own, Calculus
Mine. Whisper
in my ear, “don’t be shy”
Curtains drawn
Move shape hot grind. We move,
we move, we move as one.
Your lips speak
“I’m good with anything, I’m good with nothing” Yes, I am
You are just so
tempting, so
sweet, like
ice cream. Yes, you are my
first time.

Isabelle Marlene Serna
I.Marlene Serna was born in 1996 in Dallas, Texas and currently lives in College Station, Texas. She is a young, American writer who has written poems and short stories. She is a student at Texas A&M University- College Station, Class of 2019.

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