Intruders by Cord Moreski

The spring morning my mother
scurried away to receive the call
regarding my father’s biopsy result
was the same moment I noticed it
as I stood there eavesdropping from the kitchen.
It was a typical house ant. Size of an ellipsis.
Foraging alone on the surface
of my parents’ granite countertop.
And while her voice wrestled
with words like options and treatments  
from the other room, I watched
as this tiny intruder advanced ahead
eventually disappearing inside a broken tile
along the kitchen backsplash.
Then she quickly hung up the phone.
Walking back. Carrying weight
with each step. As we both got ready
to share news about things
quietly invading our house.

Cord Moreski
Cord Moreski is a poet/ teacher from Ocean Grove, New Jersey. He is the author of the chapbook Stay Afloat Inside (2016, Indigent Press) and was a nominee for 2016 Poet Laureate of Asbury Park. When Moreski is not writing, he teaches middle school children that poetry is awesome. You can follow Cord here at

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